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SEMANGAT was incorporated on 08 th Day of November, 1994 and commenced business in the same year is a leading Malaysian company specializing in quality Life-Saving, Fire Fighting, Marine and Industrial Safety Equipment.

It started of providing a wide range of reputation for quality and excellence in services and products. Foreseeing of the world needs for safety, SEMANGAT as it ones of Malaysian pioneer company had been formed up in order to cater the needs & demands in the Malaysia market.

SEMANGAT is committed to provide an efficient and reliable safety service. This commitment and proven track record has been a catalyst to our consistent growth.Due to that matter, the company is very keen to make sure all the staff is fully equipped with high quality experiences & knowledge in order to cater the market needs & demands.That's' they had undergone a formal and hands on training on all products conducted by the licensed manufacturers such as maintenance & care, specification of the products, special training of technical know-how.

On top of that, all staff is required to constantly upgrading themselves in terms of skills and knowledge to keep them totally informed and focused on all the new developments in the industry.In tandem with the new development era recently, SEMANGAT have their own trusted service team backed by a fully equipped service station to provide in time service should the customers require any inspection, testing, repairs and equipment supply. As safety goes, there should never be any delays for a reliable services in order to increase the number of confident by our customer & was added to our long list of standard service.

Last but not mean least, as industry leader SEMANGAT will continue to stress not only in the efficiency of its services but also on the personalized “ Caring and Sincerity” in its dealing with all its customers. We do not only caring of our customers' safety but also carry their hearts all around the world.